08: 3 Feet From Gold


Erik Smith talks about people who quit on their health, fitness and financial journeys right before a successful breakthrough in their lives. 



  • This episode was inspired by a story in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill where a gentlemen decide to dig for gold and told his family and bought equipment and found some gold but did not find the millions he had hoped for. He decided to quit and sold the equipment to someone who got help from experts and found all the gold literally 3 Feet from where the person quit. 
  • While many focus on that fact he quit while the few finish the story of how he learned from that failure and made the decision to never quit again when he set out to accomplish his goals and became a very successful life insurance salesman selling millions of dollars per year in insurance. He decided that no matter the obstacle he would push through. 
  • We can apply this to areas of our lives when we do not see results right away whether it is based on our fitness or financial journey but as long as we continue we will reach success. 


  1. Learn from our mistakes/failures so we do not repeat them and can become successful.

  2. Even though we may not see results right away as long as we are making the best choices we will reach those goals long term if we stay consistent. 

  3. Remember not to compare our journey to that of others no matter how difficult it is.


  • There is no one in the world like you that has ever existed and lived the life you live so your path is your path. –Erik Smith

  • As long as you do the little things everyday consistently toward your goals you will see the results. –Erik Smith  


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