06: The Hard in 75Hard


Erik Smith talks about his experience with 75 hard and the journey throughout the 75 days that will transform your mind. 



  • 75 Hard is a program where certain tasks must be completed every day for 75 days and if not then the person has to start over at day 1. 
  • The person must drink a gallon of water, take a progress picture, perform 2 workouts 45 min each where 1 has to be outdoors, stick to a particular diet with no cheat meals, no alcohol, and read 10 pages of personal development. 
  • Different people have different challenges that could change each day, for some its the progress picture. 
  • For others it could be the workouts or the water, its possible that all of the tasks could be a challenge. 
  • This will test you mentally and Erik had different challenges he faced with his schedule that made certain things difficult. 


  1. Others may discourage you from the program because they are not striving for more out of life. 

  2. Keep going even though at times you will want to quit. 

  3. Know that in the end it will be worth it even though you may not see changes right away, think long term. 


  • “Why just survive when you can thrive. –Erik 

  • “We only have one opportunity in this world so we should make the most of it.” –Erik 


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