051: Dr. Lindsey Marvel | Our Vision Reflects What We See or Don’t See


Dr. Lindsey Marvel, optometrist describes getting into the field which was not widely accepted by her family even though she is a doctor. The focus she had growing up was on sports, especially tennis as she was a highly ranked tennis played that led to a collegiate career and school was secondary.


  • Being in competitive tennis allowed Lindsey to utilize her skills developed in competing directly against someone else, translated into understanding how to handle nervousness in optometry school when it came to demonstrating her capability to perform eye exams while being tested.
  • It also helped in dealing with adversity and failure by bouncing back from difficult circumstances.
  • Lindsey continues to visualize like she did in tennis, where its a process done beforehand so she is prepared for different situations.   


  1. Lindsey describes different challenges with not having equipment in certain clinics she worked at and the appropriate access to proper care right after graduating from school, especially when it was beyond the scope of her practice. 
  2. Lindsey talks about the importance of eye exams when it comes to health and catching things early, to prevent problems from happening. She describes the current process of tele-health and performing eye exams from home.  


  • The visualization part has to be early on…picturing myself doing well. Also going through different scenarios, what if this happens or that happens.” –Lindsey Marvel

  • With diabetic eye disease, there are new blood vessels that form and need to be put out like a fire…if new ones form and talk to each other they can spread like a wild fire.” –Lindsey Marvel

  • They never one with glaucoma because its the silent killer of vision.” –Lindsey Marvel

  • “The eye is really a window into the body.” –Lindsey Marvel


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