05: Evan Stewart | Be Obsessed to Live Your Best Life


Evan Stewart from Obsessed Academy and the Obsessed Podcast talks to your host Erik Smith about how to take your business to the next level, prioritize your life, and take action.



  • Evan has always been very entrepreneurial and he learned the importance of earning early on. 
  • Evans first business was in middle school doing landscaping. 
  • This year on the brokerage side Even will do $35-$40 million. 
  • The thread of consistency in his life has been to impact, improve, and inspire the lives of others. 
  • Evan is most excited about Obsessed Academy right now. 
  • Much of Evans work has been to bring clarity to ambiguous concepts. 
  • We have areas of our lives that are needing to move forward in some way. 
  • How to gauge comfort vs. discomfort. 
  • Hosting a conference is like hosting a wedding but on a massive scale. 
  • The first step to take with your calendar considering spiritual, family, and finances. 
  • How can you use your professional you as a way to distribute your strengths and purpose. 
  • Are there people in your life who dont need to be there? 
  • Motivation is good but action is most important. 
  • Figure out what your dominant over-arching goal is. 
  • Know your relative focus to push toward the dominant focus but be one degree removed and feed the parts of you that arent pursued by the dominant focus. 
  • Have a necessary focus to avoid frustration with obligations. 
  • How to get the momentum started in your business. 
  • What skills do you have that you can work on and get paid for? 
  • Who could be looking for the skills that you have? 
  • Recognize that the identity and health of your business wont exceed your personal identity and health. 
  • Most places have options for something healthier on the go. 
  • Dont focus on the immediate, focus on the long game. 
  • Commit first, figure it out later. 
  • Stop thinking unilaterally and start thinking relationally. 
  • The value you can expect from the Obsessed Conference. 


  1. When you impact someones life deeply they become a better version of themselves. 

  2. You need to fill your life with positive overwhelm. 

  3. Dont give yourself permission to invalidate credibility with yourself. 


  • Im a big believer in the power of word of mouth. –Evan 

  • We all have innate points of consistency that define our humanity.” –Evan 

  • Youre either overwhelmed because you cant pay your bills or overwhelmed because your time is too full.” –Evan

  • What you should be doing and what youre good at doing dont always align.” –Evan  

  • If you suck at something, dont pretend youre great at it but if youre good at something be honest with yourself. –Evan 
  • I literally work better after Ive been working out and eating healthy. –Evan 


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