048: Take Advantage of Every Moment in Life


Erik talks about the news of Kobe Bryants death and what it means to him and the lessons learned from the tragedy. Unfortunately it takes tragedy to bring people together and appreciate one another as we need to tell people how we feel about them always because we do not know how long we are going to live. 


  • Its is important to appreciate and love people because we never know what is going on in each others lives as our time is limited.
  • We often take time for granted so it is a must that we live our lives the way we want to live them and not care what others think.  
  • This is our one opportunity to truly be happy and maximize every single moment of every day the way we want to.
  • Being present is important as we value our experiences so we need to put our all into everything.
  • Going through the motions and killing time does not serve us nor those around us. 


  1. Our legacy is to advance life and set the next generations in better positions than we are currently in.
  2. It all starts with ourselves and everything that we do.
  3. We need to treat our lives like they are valuable and do better in our health and finances.            


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