044: Taking Action Before It’s Too Late


Erik shares stories that have impacted him in his career, whether good or bad. He discusses a time when he was in a situation with a client and could help them but was not able to. 


  • The society and environment we live in is very reactive as we do not think ahead and plan long term.
  • Most end up waiting until things happen to us in order to take action and we seem to have only a short term memory when it comes to our health and finances.  
  • Many have not learned from what happened in 2008 because the economy is great but different problems were not solved.    


  1. Erik shares about a client he was looking to help, being a family member of a friend, and how they were looking to help her plan long term; especially being a single mother. There was a lot back and forth along with delays in taking action and unfortunately she passed away from cancer, complicating matters with the family as there was property involved forcing them to go through probate court. 

  2. On the other side, there was a story of another single parent who saw the value of taking action right away by finding the right vehicle for some money from her old 401K and set money aside for her daughter in addition to herself.           


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