043: Jason Priest | Transforming the Dad Bod


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Jason Priest, Founder of Dad Bod Health and a Registered Nurse, shares how he chose to change his pattern of bad health decisions, how nursing school led to his entrepreneurial journey, the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone and more. 


  • What was Jason Priests upbringing like? 
  • Jasons experiences watching his mothers substance abuse led to his own drug addiction.   
  • Jason ended up working in nutrition and corporate wellness because he was tired of being surrounded by death as an ICU nurse. 
  • How did Jason going to nursing school help to get him out of the drug and rave scenes? 
  • Working the overnight shift as a nursestaying up all night, eating fast food, and drinking heavilycaused Jason to gain a lot of weight. 
  • What are Jasons four core pillars of health and where should you start? 
  • As Jason started working out again, it was the power of the fitness community that kept him going with accountability and encouragement. 
  • No one has motivation when they first start to work out; you have to create it yourself. 
  • To get past a fitness plateau, realize that a huge portion of the changes your body is experiencing is your internal health, not your external appearance. 
  • Dont become complacent with your current routine; always strive to step outside your comfort zone. 
  • Jason began his business as a private coach, but realized he wanted to help more people than he was able to privately, so he started the Man Up Community.    


  1. Wellness isnt only about fitness, but also about your nutrition, sleep, and stress management. 

  2. A commitment to your health comes before motivation does, so keep going.     
  3. Accountability and community have been Jasons biggest motivators in his health and wellness journey. 


  • I never really liked school, and I didnt want to commit to something for 4 years or 8 years that I didnt have the heart for. This was way before I even thought about starting a business.” –Jason Priest

  • Im big on what I consider the 4 core pillars of health. Im a big proponent of dialing in your sleep and getting a strict sleep schedule, and then dialing in your stress managementIf you prioritize those two things first, the path becomes much easier.” –Jason Priest 


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