042: Building Financial Habits In 2020


Erik shares some tips on financial habits to build in 2020 that will help take control of our financial situations so we can reach the goals we have set for the year.  


  • Some people may have already abandoned their New Years resolutions of being better financial as this is a new decade.
  • Even though that may have happened, we can start today in taking better control of our financial lives.    
  • It is never too late and the tips shared can helps us get back on track.    


  1. Look at the upcoming expenses and bills due whether it is rent/mortgage, electric, cable, car insurance, and/or credit card bills. We want to make sure the money is in our accounts to avoid overdraft charges that set us back even more. 

  2. Track our spending on a daily basis: whether its online, at a store, or eating out and being aware of how much we are spending. We have to ask ourselves if we continue doing these habits will it help or hurt us financially long term. We cannot turn a blind eye to what our spending habits are if you want to become financially free.      
  3. Learn something daily that will help us financially as there are uncertain times now with war and an election year that we want to be prepared because a decade ago people were not and paid the price with their jobs and finances.       


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