041: Rocky Garza | Who Are You As A Person?


Rocky Garza is a Dallas-based public speaker, who focuses on helping people figure out who they are through his identity mapping process. In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Rocky talks about how to interact and connect with other people, how to discover your uniqueness and why this is important to a more fulfilling life.  


  • What was Rocky Garzas upbringing like?   
  • Rocky learned that he was really good at disclosure but not good at vulnerability.      
  • Rocky has pursued many career paths, including a wedding photographer.   
  • What is Rockys process of identity mapping? 
  • Was Rocky more of an introvert or an extrovert while he was traveling a lot when he was a kid?    
  • How do we detach ourselves from our personal biases about our past?     
  • How do the truths others tell Rocky about him and the truths he tells himself about himself apply to Rocky now?    
  • How can we build connections with people a lot faster?  
  • Dont ask a question if you dont want the answer.  
  • Everyone wants to be unique, affirmed for that uniqueness, and to know we can use our uniqueness for goodness in this world.    
  • How can you go about figuring out your uniqueness?  
  • How can identifiers about ourselves improve our lives?  
  • Being a great observer makes you better in your work life.   


  1. Rocky Garza is a public speaker who spends of his time doing workshops and keynote speeches at conferences or for companies, on a process he calls identity mapping, and the last on general consulting 

  2. The two types of stories running alongside each other are the stories that have been told to us about us and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.             


  • Whatever happens to us between the ages of 6-12 is what we do to survive. When I say  survive I dont mean life or death, unless thats a part of our story. Whatever we do to get by is a pretty good accurate description of how we operate as an adult.” –Rocky Garza  

  • “Everybody deserves to be known and I want to help give you the language and processes required in order for you to see yourself in the way the rest of us see you.” –Rocky Garza  


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