039: Coach Letha | Transforming Into The Wellness Warrior


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Personal Trainer, gym Owner, plant-based Wellness Coach and Chef, Coach Letha, talks about losing over 100 pounds, being passionate about her health, how she built up her Wellness Warriors Bootcamp brand and fitness gyms, and being both a vegan and a chef.    


  • What was Coach Lethas upbringing and early health like?  
  • What were her first 10 days of juicing like?     
  • How did Letha get led to the change in her mindset towards a healthier lifestyle?  
  • Feeding yourself unhealthy junk food isnt an appropriate reward system when losing weight.  
  • What made her keep going with her diet during the first few days?       
  • How long ago was this when she began her health journey?   
  • What other lifestyle changes did she make after losing her first 40 pounds?    
  • Watching documentaries and doing research in nutrition was helpful in Lethas journey. 
  • Coach Lethas vegan life was led by compassion and love, as far as what she eats, what she puts on her body, and how she treats people.    
  • How did her family respond to her new life choices?  
  • Has her family changed their viewpoints about her new life now that many years have gone by? 
  • How did her next 60 pounds come off after losing the first 40?    
  • How did she develop her training program?  
  • What was it like when Coach Letha was opening up her gym?    
  • How did she build up the company culture at her gyms?   
  • What are Lethas business plans for the future?   
  • Coach Letha talks about being vegan and being a chef.  
  • Letha is launching a Patreon account under Wellness Warriors with Coach Letha.   


  1. Letha lost about 40 pounds in the first 40 days of juicing and eating a plant-based diet, mostly raw vegan.  

  2. Eating better has a more positive impact on your exercises and have more endurance to perform better.            


  • You dont know what good feels like until you feel it.” –Coach Letha 

  • My body and my mindset and everything just gravitated towards a plant-based lifestyle, more directly being vegan, and I realised, oh my gosh, my makeup doesnt have to have animal products. Why am I trying to look cute while harming animals?” –Coach Letha  


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