037: Justin Norris | Shifting The Paradigms Within (Part 2)


In this second part of Fitness & Finance Justin Norris, Entrepreneur and Executive Marketing Director at LegalShield Official in Fairhope, Alabama, talks about why he believes that the victim mindset is a lie, giving ourselves permission to have success, learning how to receive, the power of belief, personal development and focusing on the moment.   


  • What tips would Justin give to someone starting a business who may have a similar background as him?  
  • Justin explains why you need to learn how to receive.   
  • Who do we typically listen to?     
  • Justin Norris breaks down why he feels the victim mindset is a fallacy and creating solutions through challenges.    
  • The mind works best when it is focused on one thing at a time.       
  • What is Justin Norris routine?  
  • Justin Norris discusses how he improved his health as he was expanding his mindset and growing in his business.   
  • What is the Reticular Activating System?  
  • Right now is the only moment we have, and it is filled with infinite possibilities. 
  • Which books has Justin read multiple times?  
  • Justin expresses the importance and impact of personal development.    
  • People deserve their best life and health is a huge part of that happening.  
  • What are the things that Justin cares about? 


  1. Be on purpose with everything. 

  2. Things arent happening to us. Things are happening for us.          


  • I didnt know that I needed to learn to receive. I was so used to being in need, my brain did not have a mature foundation of being willing to receive, and receiving is a good thing because it puts us in a position.” –Justin Norris 

  • Seek the advice and the council. Seek the mentorship. Its very important. Its highly important to seek the mentorship of those that have the results that we want, and listen, and be willing to do things against our own understanding.” –Justin Norris  


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