035: Justin Norris | Shifting the Paradigms (Part 1)


In this episode of Fitness & Finance Justin Norris, Entrepreneur and Executive Marketing Director at LegalShield Official in Fairhope, Alabama, talks about being raised by a strong single mother, his involvement in sports, how he began to take fitness very seriously, dying and coming back to life, working at LegalShield Official and what paradigms mean in our lives.  


  • Justin Norris talks about his upbringing and where he grew up.      
  • Justin opens up about the strong positive impact that his mother had on his life.      
  • What made Justin Norris decide to get involved in sports early on?    
  • Which moment prompted Justin to take fitness seriously?  
  • How did mentors play a role in fitness for Justin?    
  • What took place in Justins life after high school football ended?  
  • Justin talks about almost dying in the hospital.   
  • What are paradigms and how do they affect us?     
  • Why did Justin step away from sports in college?  
  • How did Justin Norris begin working at LegalShield Official?  
  • For things to change, we have to change.


  1. Justin Norris died and was revived. This began after he took taking medicine and his whole body starting to itch and he temporarily went blind. 

  2. Anything that we tolerate we invite more of in our life. This is why many people live in pain and dont do anything to change it.         


  • Ive got an amazing mom. Huge heart. I believe I inherited her heart and caring for others. She always taught me to do my best. I remember, I think I was 13, when we sat down and she told me to always do my best so I will never have regrets.” –Justin Norris 

  • “Paradigms are foundations of thought that we have received, whether it be from our family or from the conditions of the world around us that we believe as completely normal and that we accept.” –Justin Norris  


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