033: Claire Harrison | From Fighting Bad Guys To Fighting Bad Health (Part 2)


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Claire Harrison, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Exec Area Manager and Independent Consultant of Arbonne, Ex-Police Detective, and Mother of Two, talks to your host Erik Smith about her battle with bad health. Claire talks about the steps she took to shift her health, what she has learned about nutrition products and the benefits she has experienced.  


  • Claire Harrison talks about how her health has been upgraded.       
  • What were the benefits that Claire had when she improved her diet?     
  • How can people help their health with The 30-Day Plan?    
  • Eat healthily and cook in large batches so you can reheat it and have leftovers.   
  • What led to her decision to go full vegan?   
  • How did Claires body make the adjustment?  
  • Has Claires vegan lifestyle been difficult?  
  • Claire discusses a recipe that she enjoys.   
  • What are some alternatives to beans?  
  • What is the milk alternative ripple?    
  • What was Claires experience like singing at the MGM Grand for 16,000 people? 
  • What has contributed to Claire Harrisons growth journey?
  • How long did this journey take and how was she intentional with it? 
  • How does Claire Harrison help people on their journeys?  
  • You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself?  
  • What advice does she have for people starting a non-traditional business?    


  1. Your stomach is your second brain.   

  2. Surrender to what the universe is putting in your path. Learn from it and accept it.      


  • If you can actually improve your gut health, improve everything that is going in there, and stop your body having to overprocess everything in your stomach, you are going to improve everything” –Claire Harrison  

  • The whole purpose of The 30-Day Plan is to remove the toxins and get into an alkaline state and allow your body to make itself well. So, you are reducing the chances of things like diabetes, heart conditions, even auto-immune diseases.” –Claire Harrison  


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