032: The New You Starts Now


Erik talks about not waiting until January in order to change your health habits or starting to workout. Just make the changes now. 


  • Most people are waiting until the new year/new decade in order to change their fitness and finance habits and goals.        
  • Those who are successful do not follow the masses and start now instead of waiting.   
  • It does not matter your fitness level because if you have not exercised in months or years, we all have to start somewhere.
  • Even if we exercise daily we can improve as well.   


  • Just start with a 5-10min walk in your neighborhood.” –Erik Smith 

  • “Get your family involved, as your children will not do what you say, but do what you do.” –Erik Smith  
  • Be that example to your children and your spouse and when you get results your spouse will want to make the changes too. –Erik Smith


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