031: Claire Harrison | From Fighting Bad Guys To Fighting Bad Health (Part 1)


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Claire Harrison, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Exec Area Manager and Independent Consultant of Arbonne, Ex-Police Detective, and Mother of Two, talks to your host Erik Smith about going from working in law enforcement to starting her own business. Claire Harrison also discusses balancing her family life with her personal development journey and the health and nutrition changes she has made in her life. 


  • Claire Harrison talks about her upbringing in England.        
  • What got Claire Harrison involved in law enforcement initially?     
  • How did police work affect her emotions and marriage?   
  • Claire talks about the changes in her life, including getting remarried and leaving police work.   
  • What did joining Arbonne do for Claire Harrisons life   
  • What does redundancy mean in the UK and how did it influence her employment?  
  • Claire shares specific mindset shifts she had that benefitted her life.  
  • What was the moment that made Claire Harrison change her life?
  • What steps did she take in her growth journey?  
  • Follow the path of those that have already done what you want to do.  
  • What did Claires health and nutrition journey look like?
  • Were there reasons why it took so long for Arbonnes nutrition products to reach the UK?      


  1. Her transformational journey included personal development, health, growth leadership skills, the people she got to surround herself with and a shift in mindset.  

  2. Have gratitude. If you cant manage what you have, how can you attract more?     


  • “You really have to look inside the person that you are to the person you want to be to make those shifts to become and achieve what you want to achieve in life, and really dig deep to those original goals and dreams as a child.” –Claire Harrison  

  • If you want stuff to change, you have to make a change, and its now about educating my children that there is way more in life.” –Claire Harrison  


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