030: Pay Yourself On Black Friday


Erik shares some things to consider with it being Black Friday and what we are doing by spending money and paying someone else.   


  • Instead of not spending money on black friday because of all the deals, lets match that same amount to pay ourselves.
  • Do a dollar for dollar match because we are paying other companies, so we should do the same and pay ourselves.


  1. Along those lines when people are opening an IRA to reduce their taxes owed as told to do so by their tax professional but people need to know where their money is going and what it is invested in. 


  • Just know what you have and where it is.” –Erik Smith  

  • People know exactly how much they spend on their cable billbut they dont know how much of where your money is going.” –Erik Smith 
  • “Figure out how much risk you’re willing take and make sure your investments reflect that too.” –Erik Smith 


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