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Phyllis Frempong from Nurse to Fitness and co-founder of Fit 4 the Soul talks to your host Erik Smith about her journey to fitness, why she became a vegan, and how to feel like the best version of yourself.



  • Phyllis family is from Ghana and graduating high school, going to college and getting a good job was like your trophy. 
  • She is the oldest of two and there was a high amount of pressure on her. 
  • Phyllis went into nursing and moved away and stayed in that area for the majority of school. 
  • She found out that she had high cholesterol and uterine fibroids. 
  • Phyllis love of fitness started when she was able to release energy and stress. 
  • Phyllis dropped weight and ended up on stage only months later. 
  • Lack of confidence and self-doubt stemmed from her childhood. 
  • What fibroids are and how they affect you. 
  • Why Phyllis is a vegan and how that helps with her fibroids. 
  • How Phyllis lifestyle contributes to her health. 
  • Many women dont have any symptoms with fibroids and some have severe symptoms. 
  • How Phyllis energy levels have changed since becoming vegan. 
  • If youre looking to become vegan set up a budget for supplementation and make a plan. 
  • Why you may want to cut out soy. 
  • Why Phyllis decided to be a fitness coach. 
  • How Phyllis parents feel about the path she has taken in life.  
  • Why sharing your story makes you feel like the best version of yourself.


  1. Dont settle on bad advice, get a second opinion and do your own research. 

  2. Self-awareness plays a key role in knowing there is more to life.

  3. Keep getting better and be your best self. 


  • My love for fitness started when I was able to release that bed of energy on stage. –Phyllis

  • One thing about me, if its not anything else, I was driven. –Phyllis

  • If you give your body what it needs it will heal itself. –Phyllis


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