029: Mo Shah | Being A Builder In Life (Part 2)


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Mo Shah, Entrepreneur, Coach and Investor, talks to your host Erik Smith for part two of this interview about how he has helped thousands of families achieve their financial goals. Mo also discusses why conventions have been such a huge benefit to him, how to get the most out of attending industry conventions, and what it takes to keep new energy and momentum going in your business.  


  • Personal development should not be treated like a chore you dont feel like doing.       
  • What types of resources are most beneficial for Mo Shah?     
  • How would Mo coach people that like going to conventions but need to apply what they are learning?   
  • What has Mo Shah learned about putting on events?     
  • How does Mo determine if an event made the desired impact that he was aiming for?    
  • How does Mo view what momentum is?
  • How can you avoid reaching a plateau and become stagnated?    
  • How can new energy create a positive explosion in your business and how can you channel that?      
  • What advice would Mo give to business owners getting started with similar goals?     


  1. Personal development is a daily lifestyle to improve yourself and continually gain value from your activities.     

  2. What are you doing on a monthly basis to spike up the momentum of your business core foundation?       


  • “Knowledge is powerful. But only if you apply it.” –Mo Shah  

  • When you go to conventions, look at the person who is speaking and ask yourself, Can I be that person? How far off am I from becoming that person?” –Mo Shah 


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