028: Are You Breathing?


Erik shares about the importance of breathing when it comes to exercising. 


  • When we exercise a lot of times we hold our breath whether it is when we strength train, play sports, and/or on the treadmill.      
  • It is important to control our breath because it helps with the blood flow and getting oxygen to the different parts of our body.  


  1. Erik described times when working with a trainer and how he would hold his breath throughout different strength training exercises and after each exercise he would not feel as though he performed as well.

  2. Once he became intentional with his breathing throughout the exercises he was able to perform the exercises better.

  3. This applies to the rest of our lives too because the more intentional we are the better we perform. 


  • “When we are intentional with our breath we perform better.” –Erik Smith  

  • “I am not as tired, if I am constantly breathing in and out.” –Erik Smith 
  • “Youll get to the point when you dont have to think about it.” –Erik Smith 


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