027: Mo Shah | Being a Builder in Life (Part 1)


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Mo Shah, Entrepreneur, Coach and Investor, talks to your host Erik Smith about how he has helped thousands of families achieve their financial goals. Mo talks about how putting his family first has had a motivational impact in his life, the correlation between basketball and business, and how to turn achievement into a lifestyle.  


  • Mo Shah discusses his upbringing and early career choices.       
  • What was required for him to be responsible on behalf of his two younger brothers?   
  • Were there other people that Mo Shah looked up to as his leaders? 
  • Is Michael Jordan the reason why Mo got involved with basketball so heavily?    
  • How has he used the teamwork of basketball to excel in business?
  • What is one thing Mo Shah learned when he got into business? 
  • What was his mindset early on?  
  • Which sacrifices has Mo made to succeed?   
  • Think permanently and long-term instead of having an immediate gratification mindset.  
  • How has Mo Shah helped people not make bad decisions when they are down?
  • We often perceive things to be worse than they actually are.  
  • What are some of the health-related decisions that Mo Shah made that may have been not so good when he was building his business? 
  • Mo Shah is always open-minded about improving his health. 
  • How does Mo have to be intentional on a daily basis to plan his day properly?  
  • Busy people get things done and busy people that are structured with proper planning get things done effectively.   


  1. Intentionally become the type of person you need to be to have the life that you want.  

  2. Be coachable and make the necessary sacrifices to make your dreams come true and not let excuses get in your way.    


  • “One of my first wise reasons why I was doing the business was to retire my mom. We were able to do that for my mom at an early age. Every time I talk to her she is just so excited about just being able to do what she wants to do.” –Mo Shah  

  • “The two things I took from basketball on the coaching perspective is that you have to have a solid system and you have to have great leadership.” –Mo Shah 


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