025: Travis Chappell | Building Your Network & Quality Of Life


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Travis Chappell, Founder and Host of Build Your Network, Super Connector and Real Estate Investor, talks to your host, Erik Smith, about how he went from being athletic, to gaining a lot of extra weight and rebounding back with fitness. Travis also talks about growing up in a tight-knit Christian community and building his Build Your Network brand.


  • Travis Chappell discusses his upbringing and early career moves.      
  • How were Travis life changes being responded to by family and his peers?
  • Travis describes his discovery process of figuring out who he was becoming as a man. 
  • Why did Travis go the door-to-door sales route?   
  • How was fitness factoring into Travis Chappells lifestyle?
  • What was the moment like when Travis realized he had gained a lot of weight?  
  • What pushed Travis Chappell towards personal development?    
  • How did Travis move into podcasting?  
  • Money is the ultimate accountability partner.  
  • What was it like trying to get guests on his show in the early days?  
  • Travis talks about weight gain while his wife has been pregnant.  
  • How has having his son affected his life?  
  • What other advice does Travis have for listeners to take away?  


  1. It is often necessary to have time alone to find clarity without outside influences.

  2. Drinking a half-gallon to a gallon of quality water was the first step when getting back into physical health.  


  • That time alone by myself without outside influences I think was really necessary for me to be able to come to a conclusion by myself to say that this isnt something for me and this is something for me.” –Travis Chappell  

  • “You are the sum of everything that has been told and taught to you since you were 1, 2, 3-years-old.” –Travis Chappell 


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