024: Do You Really Know Who You Are?


Erik talks about really knowing who we are as people through the process of self-discovery and self-awareness. Knowing who we are will impact the decisions we make in all aspects of our lives. 


  • Looking inward helps us understand who we are as people and our core values as to why we do things we do in every area of our lives.
  • The decisions we make are based on those core values and our identifiers help us understand what we do.  


  1. The podcast has helped Erik understand the guests on the show and how our stories are intertwined and connected, as what we share with each other impacts us.

  2. When we discover who we are to the core we can be more intentional in living the life we so desire to play to our strengths. 

  3. Have you thought about who you are as a person in the process of discovering how to develop your strengths and the decisions you make to improve your life?   


  • We cant settle. –Erik Smith 

  • “We can make the decision to pursue other opportunities out there… Erik Smith  


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