023: Kerry Gough | Mindfulness and the Power of Vulnerability


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Kerry Gough, Practicing Therapist and a Practicing Person talks to your host Erik Smith about having mindful awareness and balance when striving for health and fitness. Kerry shares tips on how to check in with yourself to address your personal needs, how to feel more connected to others, and the power in vulnerability. 


  • Kerry Gough discusses her upbringing   
  • What led Kerry to pursue higher learning for psychology? 
  • What was Kerrys fathers reaction when she made her career shift?  
  • In what ways are our stories all intertwined?  
  • What does vulnerability mean to Kerry?   
  • What has been Kerrys experience with people feeling isolated because of social media and so much of life happening online?  
  • Many people get involved in fitness because of body image fears and not with an awareness of health.  
  • What is a tip to figure out if we are engaging in fitness to know if we are trying to look a certain way or because want to be healthy?  
  • Kerry shares some prevention tools and ways to invest in staying healthy. 
  • What can being present at the moment look like for people?  
  • Does she have an idea of what is leading to older generations seeking counsel?  


  1. The risk to show up authentically with others where the deep connection can happen with others on a profound and enriching level.  

  2. Are there are draining things you can part ways with? Do you have any areas of improvement? What are you doing daily to address your biological needs?  Are you doing things that bring you joy?  


  • As we share ourselves, we can often see ourselves in others in shared experiences, in shared pains, and in shared joys.” – Kerry Gough 

  • A lot of these images that we are being fed arent even attainable or realistic because they are altered digitally.” – Kerry Gough 


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