022: Is The Wind Blowing You Off Course?


Erik talks about how the wind can affect us by blowing us off the path we are looking to take. When we are intentional and take action quickly then the wind does not affect us as much. 


  • Taking action with speed and intention limits the effects of outside forces that may keep us from our goals and dreams.  
  • If we slow down, limit our action, and/or do not fully commit then we do get to where we want to go and achieve the results we want when it comes to our health and finances. 
  • Erik also talks about what the most expensive thing is, as it is a closed mind.  
  • He gives the example of Blockbuster video not being open to Redbox and Netflix which has changed the way we watch movies and TV in our homes. As a result they are no longer in business. 
  • Erik also mentions that the best investment we can make is in ourselves as we can improve our business, finances, and health by purchasing a program that will give us the tools or access we did not have which shorten the amount of time it will take to achieve our goals and dreams


  • “The most expensive thing we can have is a closed mind.” –Erik Smith

  • “The best investment we can make is in ourselves. –Erik Smith 


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