021: Kris Levy | Comfortably Uncomfortable


In this episode of Fitness & Finance, Kris Levy talks to your host Erik Smith about pursuing his passions of fitness, travel, and wine, the importance of working with coaches in your self-improvement process, and the many benefits of traveling and taking yourself out of your comfort zone.  


  • Kris Levy grew up in Texas and has been in the military for about nine years now.  
  • Traveling more extensively impacted Kris on how to improve himself.  
  • Kris had a back injury while in the military that put him out for several months.
  • What was the first step that Kris took towards changing his life?  
  • The first area of Kriss life that he wanted to improve was self-awareness and self-assessment.  
  • How did Kris put systems in place to become more self-aware?  
  • What various countries and environments has Kris traveled to?  
  • Kris talks about how traveling has benefited his fitness and nutritional habits.  
  • Where is Kriss favorite place to work on something creative?  
  • How did Kris body adapt to different types of foods?  
  • Kris has coaches for fitness and areas that he wants to get better in.  
  • How does Kris train and have fitness workouts when he is traveling abroad?  
  • Where does Kris Levy see himself in the next five years?  
  • If you’re not genuinely happy with what you have now, how will you be happy when you have more?  


  1. Turn something you are passionate about into a creative outlet so you can express yourself.  

  2. We are all leaders or aspiring to be leaders and adaptability is a key element of being a great leader.  


  • I realized for me, that traveling affected all the other aspects of my life. And not so much the traveling, but being put in uncomfortable situations.” –Kris Levy 

  • Your best days, your best years, your best moments, your best experiences are in front of you, not behind you, and that is what you should be going for. Kris Levy 



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