020: Mindset Shifts For Your Financial & Business Life


Erik shares things he has learned from Jim Rohn and other successful individuals of the journey to become financially free. It is a shift in mindset that could seem simple but can compound for years.


  • While exercising his body Erik also shares ways to exercise his mind as he listens to audios on how to improve themselves and change their thinking. 
  • Erik also describes techniques to use when we are in stressful situations to improve our performance and shift our minds to look at the circumstances in a more calm and relaxed manner.
  • When we try too hard we often do not perform as well. 


  1. When we are in stressful situations we need to be in a relaxed state in order to perform better.

  2. In order to do this we have to visualize more and/or go to a familiar place because we are not thinking about what we are doing or are worrying about others or what they are thinking. 


  • Most who are financially free pay themselves first before they pay anyone else. –Erik Smith

  • When your passive income exceeds your expenses you are financially free. –Erik Smith


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