02: Wont’ Be That Out of Shape Dad


So many dads are out of shape, but your host Erik Smith is determined not to be one of them. Find out why Erik chose to be in shape for his kids and to take better care of himself from a health perspective.



  • How Eriks dad not being able to keep up with him inspired him to be a fit dad. 
  • Erik quit optometry school to pursue business. 
  • Erik knew that his health would impact his relationship with his child and his child’s relationship with health. 
  • During stressful times like after the birth of a new child, it can be easier to exercise at home. 
  • How Erik continued to improve and push himself. 
  • What Erik will be talking about in upcoming episodes. 


  1. Your choices can determine your health and longevity. 

  2. Your personal health impacts your children.

  3. You need proper sleep, nutrition, and fitness.


  • I want to be around for a while for my kids, and I want to be healthy.” –Erik

  • Feeling results with my body gave me much more confidence. –Erik

  • When you get confidence you feel more excited to continue on that journey.” –Erik


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