019: Sofia Shah | Dominating in Business & Health (Part 3)


In the final part of a 3-part episode, Sofia Shah (CEO, Dynasty Leadership) talks to your host Erik Smith about how building a strong foundation in whatever you do is what will set you up for long-term success. 


  • Sofia experimented with her diet and how it affected her health, becoming vegan after growing up vegetarian, but her body didnt react well to veganism especially with bodybuilding and running marathons. 
  • As a result, she had to start eating meat, and her body reacted incredibly well to it. 
  • She has to eat 6 meals a day to support her bodybuilding, but people look at her and often think she barely eats. 
  • Sofia views bodybuilding as art, but the art is your body. 
  • The long-term mindset, focusing on the bigger picture, is unusual in todays world of instant gratification. 
  • The biggest thing you need is accountability. 
  • People often say they want to do something but they cant, and if thats the story youre telling yourself, it becomes self-fulfilling. 
  • Finding a good coach gives you a perspective on your progress that you could never have for yourself alone. 
  • She has decided not to compete yet because she wants to focus on being consistent and properly building a bodybuilding foundation. 
  • Despite all of her success, Sofia still felt unfulfilled and like she wasnt good enough, and in reading about it she learned that often women, no matter how successful, have been taught to be less confident. 
  • Sofia had an event for women to impart what she had learned about confidence. 
  • Sofias business is about financial services and teaching people how money works and how to make more informed choices with the money they have. 
  • Shes passionate about this because she knew that for the type of life she wants, she needed a strong financial foundation to allow her to work with trainers and to eat the way she eats. 


  1. Having a long-term mindset helped her understand the importance of every small day-to-day decision she makes to build a strong foundation.

  2. Self-improvement includes awareness and accountability to your own level of confidence and learning to cultivate a confident mindset. 


  • “What could be better than art on a body, like you becoming the art that you want to create? –Sofia Shah

  • What Im looking to do is to be undeniable. So I dont just want to compete, I want to dominate. I know at this stage it would be lofty to think that I can do that, so Im just going to work & work & work until I get to the point where I am going to be undeniable.” –Sofia Shah


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