018: Pushing Through Physical Blocks to Gain Strength


Erik shares how his experience the second time around with 75 Hard has helped him build strength after the initial soreness the first few weeks. 


  • When we hit certain physical and mental challenges along with constant punishment over time we end up developing more strength that allows us to perform better. 
  • The description of Eriks experience in his adult soccer league is detailed and how over the past couple of weeks he has gotten stronger and started to perform better after initially playing less than 100%. 
  • Over time in life the struggle gives us strength in everything we do.


  1. Callouses on our body become sources of strength whether it is physical, mentally, or emotionally. 

  2. Sometimes when we go through certain obstacles or storms we do not know when it will end but when come out on the other side there is a blessing. 


  • My speed was coming back. I didnt feel so tired or sore. –Erik Smith

  • “I am only going to get stronger from what I am putting my body through. –Erik Smith


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