016: Are You Giving Enough Value?


Erik Smith talks about giving people enough value and sometimes they do not take action because they did not see the value. 


  • People often convince themselves that they plan on working for the rest of their lives even though they may not love their work. It is often because they have not set themselves up financially to where they no longer have to work for money. 
  • Erik gives an example of working with someone who he was looking to help financially but did not take immediate action because he said he could not afford it and had to figure it out.
  • Fortunately he did not close the door and set an appointment to follow up and determine whether he could take action to pay himself instead of just other obligations.
  • We have to learn from the situations we are in and always trust our gut when things are not on the right track.


  1. Make sure that you really convey your message to where the other person sees no other alternative but to agree with you or take action on what have shown them that is in their best interest. 

  2. One thing not mentioned was that do need to see things from the other persons perspective and speak their language. Seek to understand. 


  • People have their goals/results or their excuses. You cant have both. –Erik Smith

  • Find an excuse to win!” –Erik Smith


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