014: What is Security?


Erik Smith talks about how people need security in their jobs and gets to an understanding of what security really means. 



  • This episode is for those who are thinking about taking the leap into business but feel they have their secure job that will take care of them.
  • Sometimes we believe that we will always be employed but lay offs happen all the time.
  • It is time for people to realize that when our livelihood is in someone elses hands there is no such thing as security. 
  • We are programmed into thinking we have that security with our job but we never know what can happen. 


  1. You can give everything to a company, sacrifice time with your family and then one day find out that your services are no longer needed. Then what? 

  2. In order to have true security in our jobs and/or businesses we have to bring tremendous value. 

  3. Its time to really understand what true security means.


  • Be so good they cant ignore you. –Erik Smith

  • If you leave it in the hands of another individual is that really secure? –Erik Smith


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