013: Jennie Lynn | Higher Level Thinking


Jennie Lynn talks to your host Erik Smith about exercising your conscious mind, mentorship, and coaching. 



  • We operate consciously and unconsciously at the same time, and the unconscious mind has the ability to override the conscious mind with a stress response. 
  • This is called the terror barrier. 
  • Jennie was given a speaking opportunity, and she was scared to do public speaking but decided to overcome the terror barrier live. 
  • Jennie trained herself to be highly disciplined and carefully cultivated habits so that, for example, she makes a decision to go to the gym and doesnt take any time to think about it, she just does it. 
  • Jennie recommends an hour a day to exercise your body and an hour a day to exercise your mind. 
  • Jennie struggled with an autoimmune condition, hormone imbalances, and body image issues but overcame them partially through the concepts of the law of attraction and the secret. 
  • Most of what we do is habitual and unconscious, and we have to train yourself to have conscious discipline. 
  • Theres a fine line between pushing yourself and working hard to meet your goals, and going too far and burning out. 
  • After a friend of hers committed suicide, she felt she hit rock bottom and had to reach out to a mentor to help her see the big picture to move past it. 
  • The same thing applies to finances, because we were not taught to study or cultivate wealth. 
  • Imagination is the most powerful mental faculty we have. 
  • People often use their imagination negatively, to imagine worst-case scenarios, but instead you can exercise the muscle to visualize our goals. 


  1. The biggest factor in her success has been finding a mentor. 

  2. Self-love and self-care are crucial to achieving your potential. 

  3. You can think your way into the results you want. 


  • I felt so powerful after that. I said, damn it, if I can get over most peoples number one fear, my number one fear, what is there to be afraid of? –Jennie Lynn 

  • If you dont make time for health, youre going to have to make time for disease.‘” –Jennie Lynn 


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