012: Don’t Have Hours To Workout? No Problem.


Erik Smith talks about how sometimes people dont have a lot of time to workout and could be overwhelmed by going to the gym. 



  • This episode is for the people who may have 10 minutes to workout or do not want to be in the gym for a long time but want to maximize their workouts. There are different bodyweight exercises people can do using an app that allows the to keep track of their progress and times their workout.
  • Freeletics is a great app to use that can be used with a coach if you want to go that route or different pre set exercise programs that can be done with minimal or no equipment. I have you have only 5 minutes no problem, there is a program for you. It is important to start somewhere without thinking you have to spend hours in the gym. 
  • Another way is to time yourself and do a certain number of repetitions such as 10 pushups, 10 squats, and 10 sit-ups then rest and resume once you hit a certain minute marker. 



  1. Just start somewhere and there is no excuse about not having enough time. Just make the time and 5 minutes daily can add up. 

  2. There are resources available that do not require a gym membership or thousands of dollars spent on equipment. 

  3. Make your workouts flexible and maximize the time you have. 


  • If you only have 5 minutes, great you can workout in 5 minutes. Just start somewhere. –Erik Smith

  • If you are dont want to spend the money on a trainer no problem there are ways to have pre set programs without spending money.” –Erik Smith 


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