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Laurell Hector talks to your host Erik Smith about how a healthy lifestyle is the key to her sustaining her business for over 18 years. 



  • Laurell was raised by her mother as the youngest of five children in a very health-conscious, active family. 
  • Schools in the UK incorporate nutrition education and mandatory physical activity, unlike in the US where kids are often able to avoid PE. 
  • She ended up in the business world after doing a work experience program at age 14 doing human resources at a bank. 
  • She started her business with no contacts and now has clients all over the world with zero marketingjust word of mouth. 
  • Laurell loves running her own business because it has allowed her the flexibility to raise her children that she believes she wouldnt have had at a traditional 9-5 job. 
  • In the UK, youre taught to be extremely loyal to your employer, so Laurell never even thought of diversifying her work until she began questioning what her goals were and what she wants to leave her children. 
  • To find the additional stream of income she decided she needed, Laurell began drinking and selling Arbonne protein shakes. 
  • When youre running a business, you need to feed your mind as well as your body. 
  • Laurell has published a book about how employees can cope with redundancy and all the practical steps you can take to find a new job if that happens to you. 
  • She is now working on a second book about how to manage people better. 


  1. Healthy habits that will support every aspect of your adult life begin in childhood. 

  2. There are major differences between how people in the UK/Europe versus the US approach work and employment. 

  3. Prioritizing her physical and mental well-being has allowed Laurell to maintain multiple businesses and rigorous travel commitments for years. 


  • Unless theres a medical condition, you can move yourself. And its as simple as that. Laurell Hector 

  • Its learned behavior. So I always say to my children, What you do at home, youll do outside.‘” –Laurell Hector 


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