01: Won Dolegowski | Fit Shade Tree’s Iron Woman


Won Dolegowski is the owner of DexaFit, a bikini competitor, and a health and nutrition coach. Won has left the comfort and stability of her career as a pharmacist to pursue her true passion in health and wellness. At the age of 45, she did her first bikini bodybuilding show. Won talks to your host Erik Smith about.



  • How Wons move from Michigan to New York inspired her to delve into fitness and inspired her passion. 
  • Jane Fondas fitness workouts helped inspire her to love fitness at an early age. 
  • At the age of 44 Won hired an online coach to help with nutrition and exercise. 
  • Won totally transformed her body and was in the best shape of her life – her husband encouraged her to compete. 
  • After a successful first year competing she discovered that it was something she truly loved doing. 
  • How Won found a higher purpose for her Triathalon training. 
  • Wons journey with scoliosis and fused vertebrae in her fitness and competition training. 
  • Why Won made the decision to move from OT to a pharmacy. 
  • All of the skills Won acquired have allowed her to be successful in her current work. 
  • Won is passionate about health and fitness because it allows you to have control over your health. 
  • What the Dexa scan and Fit 3D measure, how theyre used in studies, and how doctors use them. 
  • Dexa scan separates bone from soft tissue and breaks down body composition. 
  • Fit 3D takes more of an external measure to show body shape changes over time. 
  • Why the Vo2 Max test is also important and what it checks. 
  • How Won incorporates all the tools and DexaFit to create a comprehensive fitness program. 
  • You can improve your Vo2 Max, but usually, you do that by improving your cardiovascular fitness. 
  • How Won educates clients and puts them on specific plans to meet their goals. 
  • If you want to make a change there will have to be some sacrifice – you have to plan ahead. 
  • Be aware of what youre eating and track your food. 
  • When you weigh your food and track it, its an educational process. 
  • Eventually, you should not have to track your food and you can eat intuitively.  
  • Tracking your food is key as a competitor. 
  • Its important to not associate food with emotions such as guilt, have when you like and then get back on track. 
  • What the greatest wealth is health” means to Won and her mission.


  1. Its never too late to start your fitness journey.

  2. Focusing on health and fitness gives you a level of control over your health.

  3. The slower you go the more sustainable and long-lasting the effects.


  • When you donhave information it will take you longer to meet your fitness goals.” –Won 

  • A lot of health issues that people like to treat with a pill can be prevented with health and fitness.” –Won 

  • You might think that you need to be training harder, but youre actually overtraining. –Won

  • “Prioritizing nutrition is a huge component of the success of your fitness program.” –Won  


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