046: The Winning Stages-Magic Mirror


Erik shares a story about a mentor of his who shared the stages of why people are successful and also why they fail. Most people become successful and do not know why, which keeps them from having continued success. Others also do not understand why they fail. Erik shares a personal story relating to his health and fitness journey of success and failure. 


The 10 stages of Winning 

  1. Failure (we try something and it does not happen because we have to learn) 
  2. Blame (as a result of the failure we may blame people, places and circumstances) 
  3. Doubt (do not trust that things will work out or that it is meant to be) 
  4. Realize (we then realize that people do not care about our problems because they have their own) 
  5. Survive (we decide to just show up and make something happen, but we are not winning yet) 
  6. Hope (it is the belief that comes from the inside that things will happen) 
  7. Focus (we decide what to do next and have a sense of direction toward a goal) 
  8. Positive (we are excited and have the emotional attachment and need the fuel long-term) 
  9. Win (reach the target we set out to accomplish) 
  10. Complacent (Biggest challenge for repeated success is the lack of a new vision) 


  1. It is seen with sports many times where a team wins a championship but does not make the playoffs the next year. The example of a team with continued success is the New England Patriots as they look forward instead of looking back. We can use the stages to see where we are in our health, finances and all aspects of our lives and there are times when we can go backwards from stage 7, Focus to Failure, depending on how we respond to circumstances. Use this as a guide to help you.           


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